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Copyright 1998 Jerry Whiting. All rights reserved.
...and then there's my sense of humor.  More 32-bit Windows screen savers.  Nothing serious or ponderous here.  This is the counterbalance to any and all suspicions about my "dark side" reflected in my fascination with funerary art.
98052 Love/hate Microsoft?  Work for the DoJ?  Images of The Campus in Redmond WA as well as Mr. Bill's house. 3.4M
Tips for Life The digital fortune cookie (you'll need the VB4 run time files). 29K
Redwood Carvings Pop "art" from Northern California 1.2M
Get the #$@^ phone! A phone rings and rings and rings... 1M
WinFart Do you smell something?? 710K

Still working on this area.  Your patience is appreciated.  There's definitely more yet to come.  There's no end to my unique humor.

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