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free screen saver
Free screen saver
This free 32-bit Windows screen saver features pictures of poinsettias, making this a fun Christmas screen saver.  Give it as a gift; it fits on a floppy.

This holiday screensaver is free for personal use.  It has its own installer and is small enough (676K) that it shouldn't piss off your MIS demigods when you forward it to everyone.  Tell her/him to relax and enoy one of the microbrews you've got stashed in your file cabinet.

Remember kiddies, if you're reading this in December, there's company money to be spent before the end of the year.  Drain that departmental budget.

Don't drink and drive.  Period.  Those you kill will be children, parents, friends, neighbors, lovers.  You can't undo it so don't.  Don't add to my collection.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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