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These free screen savers display flowers, gardens, and plants in general.  Flowers are a natural subject for me.  28 years a vegetarian whadda ya expec?  Cows??

When I first got my digital camera, flowers were the subjects I sought out; the secondary destinations during my all-too-many business trips.

These first four bounce small thumbnail images around the screen before randomly displaying one of them full-sized.

Rosey a single bloom 128K
Bouncing Orchids greenhouse beauties 555K
Butterflies on Mom she wore yellow and they landed all over her 509K
Lillies of the Viaduct day lillies discovered walking to work 423K

These slide show style screen savers are full of big, lush images.  Well worth the download time.

Bow Kay because you can't have too many flowers 1.7M
My Garden Oasis your own secret garden 2.2M
Dahlias for Sharon dahlias from Golden Gate Park in SF 1.9M
For Tom & Elmer roses for my uncle & father 2.0M

Looking for a garden?  I always turn to two sites before I travel: GardenNet and Botanique

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