Jesus with children, NYC Copyright 1998 Jerry Whiting. All rights reserved.

Peering into mausoleums gives us a glimpse of a slumber we do not yet know.  Who basks in the stain glass' glow?  How often are the doors opened and footsteps fall on the silent stone floor?  Is it really just like sleeping?  They seem so much closer to slumber than those buried in the earth.  Maybe it's just me.

Remember: it's only the rich that can afford to be buried in these cottages for the dead. 

Older cemeteries sometimes have promenades of mausoleums.  Rows of dead chambers.  I peer in, camera to glass.

Peek inside of some from New York NY.  I also have some from Colma CA.

Speaking of Colma, it was there that I noticed ladders propped up against the back wall of several of them.  At first I thought it was inattentive workmen, but then I noticed too many for it to be an oversight.  Strange.

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